Enterprise Edition, free, unlimited

Today we are presenting not one as always, but two releases - 1.5.1 and 1.5.1 Enterprise Edition.

There is nothing special about this release, mainly it contains bug fixes and small internal improvements.

But wait, this post title states something about Enterprise Edition for free and unlimited usage. How could it be? We stated that we will ship Enterprise in january 2016. The plan was to enhance standard edition, decide how to accept payments, write some kind of licensing server, roll out some kind of UI for managing licences.

There is march 2016 now, what we made about enterprise? We have rolled out several releases and added several features to EE, but for now we have no idea on how to accept payments and manage licences - we are developers, we are good enough on writing code and producing products, but we have no idea on how to manage common business needs. Thus we decided to roll out enterprise for free, from now and until we will solve those issues.

Enterprise edition for now does not contains any limitations on usage time, team size or any other. You could just install it and use. For free. Without limits.

Installation is same as standard edition - with docker leanlabs/kanban:1.5.1-ee, or with binary - from downloads page or from github release page, enterprise edition binaries are with “-ee” suffix.