Card count and kanban tips

We are happy to roll out a new 1.4.5 release! Featuring several new features and bugfixes.

This release features:

Card counts against column names. Now you could easily evaluate the amount of work in every lane.

Card assignee and milestone could be cleared. Not so important but sometimes useful.

Use two digits for default columns. Stages are enumerated with two digits by default, it’s much easier now to change columns ordering as there is no need to change all stage labels.

Also there are several bug fixes: images uploaded via GitLab are displayed correctly is most important of them.


Starting from next week we will post some kanban and gitlab tips weekly. Stay tuned, we hope you will find them useful.

Starting from next week leanlabs/kanban:latest docker image will be built on every commit, so you can get all improvements immediately. Stable releases will be available via version as always.