Hello, World!

A few days ago we released our first open source project - Leanlabs Kanban board for GitLab issues!

This release includes:

  • Full featured GitLab issues integration. Leanlabs Kanban cards are GitLab issues, you can select milestones, assign card, manage labels

  • Checklist in cards

  • GitLab Flavoured markdown support (partially)

  • Real-time task boards synchronised through WebSocket

  • Authorization with GitLab OAuth (by private token for older GitLab versions)

  • ACL (based on your GitLab permissions)

  • Drag and drop cards

  • Project based workflow customisation (including sensitive defaults)

  • Mobile friendly

  • Easy deployment on your servers

We have done a lot. But even more we plan to implement in the near future, so stay tuned!

Do you have any feedback, suggestion or want to report a bug? Report an issue on projects gitlab page or contact us via email support@leanlabs.io.